August 23, 2007

Chief of a Tribe - got strategy?

Picture this - YOU are on an African Safari in Zimbabwe. Poof... you get separated from your group and land up in the midst of a remote undiscovered tribe. They are friendly and lo and behold... the tribe is a democracy and elections are in 2 days!! You think - hey, here is my chance to be President... Chief Of A Tribe! Sign language works miracles and your name is added to the election ballot... image that!

Drum roll... 'NEWSFLASH' - the tribe is self-sufficient and has pretty much everything it needs. Besides, you don't know how to zip back to Harare (the capital) to grab a slice of modern civilization. The other Presidential Candidates have something special to offer the tribe. So, what can YOU (newbie politician) offer... tangible or intangible? What is your winning strategy?

[Question I asked on - August 23rd, 2007]

August 3, 2007

Cyborg-ify Me, Yes or No?

Picture this - you have a medically malfunctioning body part causing a life-threatening condition. You can't afford treatment. Ding! Dong! - you get the door and standing before you are two people dressed in white lab coats. Smiley face says, "You have been randomly selected to be treated at our medical research facility." You yell 'Yoo-hoo!' and do a little dance.

Then comes the catch... "In exchange for repairing your malfunctioning body part, we will also replace and transfer some of your functional parts into others. You will become a Cyborg - a synthesis of organic and synthetic parts."

Does your jaw drop, does your head spin, or do you think... what the heck, at least I will be alive and hey, parts of me will function better than humanly possible? Do you say... Cyborgify me, yes or no?

My answer: Yes, provided my existence doesn't become so machine-like as to drag me away from my human essence.

Note: check out Heineken's new cybernetics ad

[Question I asked on - August 3rd, 2007]

August 1, 2007

MN Bridge Collapses Near Apt

Just happened to be flipping channels tonight, when I saw the live report on MSNBC about the Minneapolis I-35W Bridge Collapse. Wow - I lived close to the bridge... by the University of Minnesota Law School and, every day and night I got a view of both; the I-35W and Cedar Avenue bridges from my 7th floor apartment window!! How scary is that? This image actually shows my former apartment complex. I am rattled. My prayers go out to the families and my fellow UofM classmates and colleagues troubled tonight.