December 9, 2006

Dhaka Double Traffic

Double lane traffic - here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. One lane for cars and one for rickshaws, but look... one rickshaw is in the wrong lane! This means, cars must travel at the speed of a cycle rickshaw peddler. Did you know, there is an organization that wants to save the rickshaws from extinction? Check: the World Carfree Network - very interesting. I wonder what the Dhaka city car drivers think of WCN's ideas, as they are constantly blocked by the zillion rickshaws daily. What do I think? Humm... well, what about clearly defined separate lanes and equal ratios of rickshaws to cars? Posted by Picasa

December 8, 2006

Saaze Digital Signage

December 6th was a big day - Saaze got this digital sign installed! Had a little hiccup, but by December 8th it was running smoothly and catching the eyes of a high volume of foot traffic. The Digital Signage Age is here and a kicking, but sadly, the USofA is behind the rest of the planet. We are working to make that change effective immediately. Saaze - pronounced 'saa-ze' means - 'to build' and that is what we are doing. We are building a digital signage network, so jump on board the futuristic digital train. Send an email if you require screens and content installed and/or if you want to advertise on already installed screens. More info to follow... Posted by Picasa