June 28, 2007

Using the Law Of Attraction to Sell?

How do you or can you use the Law Of Attraction to sell? Selling = a product, a service, an idea, your belief or opinion, etc. Boom! The Power of Positive Thinking and Mind Power win you the sale? Maybe in some indirect way, huh?

Book: Law Of Attraction - Michael Losier

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June 23, 2007

Indoor Signage Banner

Hallo - here is the new Saaze indoor signage vinyl banner 3x6 feet. We used it at a show recently...

June 22, 2007

InfoComm Near Disneyland

Hallo - had a blast at InfoComm '07 in Anaheim, California! At least for me... a representative of Saaze Corp. - it all started with the Battle of the Bands on Monday night at the Hilton Hotel. The 1st band ruled over the 2nd any day! Fun networking and relaxing event.

Tuesday was 'roam around the halls and meet with industry biz partners' day and I must say, our Digital Signage World got some nice exposure, but... we were split into four areas:

1 - an entire section in a hall upstairs
2 - a nice showcase and booth section in a hall downstairs
3 - some booths in the content area downstairs
4 - DS booths here and there mixed in with non-DS people

People I spoke with said, the DS section was double that of last year and so InfoComm ran out of space for DS booths. Loved seeing all the DS booths, but wasn't too happy to see it all split up all over the place.

Wednesday was also a roaming and meeting filled day, but was followed by some juicy private parties. The Scala 20th Anniversary Party (similar one was held in Chicago at the DS Expo) was at 5pm and had some awesome food and was on the open terrace! Great view of the Los Angeles area.

Next, some people went to the Austalian Pink Floyd Concert, others to some blues band, and your truly to the best concert of all... the B-52's!!!

It was Retro Rocking! It was not easy to get tickets and only the first 1000 people were let in. I got a ticket from one of our industry biz partners. It was sponsored by DLP-Texas Instruments and amazingly organized.

When we got there, we are asked to select a hat and then decorate it retro-style. They had beads, feather, pom-poms, flags, buttons, coins, and more... and a bunch of hot glue guns for us to glue all this stuff to our huge paper hats.

Lots of food and drinks and some retro dressed entertainers amused us. The party started at 7pm and the B-52's band at 9pm till about 10:30pm. Yours truly was in the front row, just inches from the stage! Photography was free... we can go to the website and download the images for free.

Thursday was roam and meet some more day. Felt that there was less of a crowd this day. I left around 2pm, before the fork-lifts came in.

Overall, some big players in the DS industry blasted their booths with 'we are in the DS business' alongside their zillion other Audio Visual related offerings, while... the smaller players were very DS niche focused. There were some middle companies as well, with their 'we have DS and screens and integrated models and...' but mostly I saw either big or small.

One interesting thing... people at the non-DS booths and networking events would ask me 'what do you do?' and when I told them, they most often said... 'oh, I saw that on the floor upstairs' or 'oh, I saw the showcase downstairs.'

Bottomline... DS was visible and here to grow. See them all at InfoComm '08 in Las Vegas next year...


June 20, 2007

Cool Entrepreneur Song?

I nominate: PRIME TIME by Alan Parsons Project. And you? Take a shot at it...

lyrics: Prime Time

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June 9, 2007

Khaled & Haddad Video

Check out this music video. Good combination: Cheb Khaled & Diana Haddad and a beat that rocks!

June 6, 2007

More images or text on a brochure?

I am a visual person and enjoy images that catch the eye with a few bullet points to explain. Some folks tell me they want to read more about our products and services, while some say the image is worth more than a zillion words crowding the brochure pages. What say you?

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