February 24, 2007

Separating Myself From Myself

Hallo - two deep lines to think about...

jado yeh tumne kiya kese / mujh ko bhe mujh se juda kerke

Simple Translation:

how did you do this magic? / you even separated me from myself

So, how is it possible to separate one from oneself? Most likely solution - separation is possible when we get into a zen or sufi or spiritual state of mind. A mind over matter state also known as 'must' (an Urdu word meaning: ecstasy, drunk, excited, intoxicated, mad, overjoyed).

Drunk and intoxicated are not a result of alcohol, but from love, ecstasy, emotion, and/or the thought of union with the greater spiritual being. The sufi believe, that we are all parts of a whole and to be one with the whole is the ultimate goal.

A must state would trigger a blissful separation and reunion with oneself. The Whirling Dervishes of Turkey attain this high state of being or bliss through the sema dance or ritual. The dervishes dance into a trance. Other sufis achieve must in different ways - through poetry, music, or musical-poetry centered around closeness to the greater being.

Now, I am off to separate myself from myself and give myself a vacation on the journey.

Note: the two lines are from the Urdu song 'Qarar' by Ali Haider, a Pakistani musician. Watched him live in Minneapolis, Minnesota back in 1999 - good times. Check out tons of songs at: Pakistani Music