February 12, 2008

360 Car Spins & Almost Off A Cliff

February 12th, 2007 Reno Nevada car accident remembered... here is the email I wrote to my loved ones a year ago...

Yesterday my car went over a slippery something on the road and I swung from the right lane to the left and almost hit the railing/road divider on the left, then I swung right and almost hit the railing on the right, then I did two 360 degree spins and then my car traveled backwards for several feet.

While I was going backwards, I saw a truck's headlights coming right at me at probably 60 miles/hour. My car flipped around into a 180 degree spin and I landed back in the direction of traffic on the right side of the road about 2 inches from the railing and the edge of a very steep cliff. The truck zoomed past me from the left and as it was just inches away it shook my car as it drove past.

I can't believe I am alive - honestly, it is a miracle that I did not get a scratch on myself nor the car... must have been a guardian angel or something. They say your life flashes by in seconds and that is what truly happened. I thought... I don't want to hit the edge, oh my gosh I am going to hit the edge, I don't want to die, I am never going to see my family again, this is my time and such.

As I was spinning and then going backwards I could see the cliff from the corner of my eye and I thought... this is it, I am going down that cliff and dying in the next few seconds and there is nothing I can do about it. My mind shot from "I don't want to die" to "I have to accept that I am going to die" - very strange.

When I did not crash nor die, I sat in my car sweating and shaking profusely for a while till I could collect myself enough to drive off to the nearest exit and sit there a while calming down. The kind-of-accident happened around 4:20 pm and it took me all night to process it and calm down. I am still rattled.