April 6, 2005

Some Humans Equal Chickens

Hallo... I don't have to say much here as this image is self-explanatory or, is it? This image shows chickens watching a chicken being roasted and that is construed as a 'Horror Movie' per the caption. However, if we replace chickens with humans what would that be construed as? Inhumanity? Un-human? Animal-like? Pure Evil?

What makes humans different from chickens? We have been told, a higher level of functioning and brain power differentiates human-kind from animal-kind. Okay, so then why do humans roast (a.k.a. hurt) humans all the time? Well, they don't literally throw them in a grill like in the image here, but humans find ways to roast each other. E.g.: politics, corporate world, at home, at work... I am sure you get my drift.

Perhaps we should call humans who roast humans, 'chickens'? However, the word 'chicken' connotes a 'coward'. So, by logical deduction we deduce => Humans Who Hurt Humans = Cowards. Makes sense? Not quite.

Well, a coward is one who shows fear in the face of danger or pain. In this case, the chicken/coward/human instills pain on the good human, which leads us to deduce => Cowards Fear Pain And Cause Pain. Makes better sense now, huh? After all, it is all about logic and semantics rather than about humans and chickens! Bottom line: don't cause pain to fellow humans.

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April 3, 2005

Viva Women Basketballers

Hallo... played basketball today after over a decade! Why? Had an urge thanks to PBS and This Is A Game Ladies - a film about the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team, their Coach, and much more.

I must admit, it was the first time I watched women play college level basketball. Sadly, I never even attended any basketball games while at college nor at university. My last exposure was with friends shooting baskets for fun and prior to that, being on our high school basketball team. The latter was a serious adventure at the time, but ended in 11th grade.

The Rutgers' Scarlet Knights is made up of a team of college women. The film follows them through their trials and tribulations on and off the basketball court. A key figure and major inspiration in the film is coach C. Vivian Stringer. She definitely has put a positive dent in women's athletics and changed the outlook for the better!

Oh yes, women are getting into the NCAA and professional team sports! We have seen them in tennis, swimming, golf, squash, and other individual sports, but now it is time to see them in action and shining as part of a team sport. Viva women in soccer, baseball, hockey, and basketball!