July 19, 2007

Time Machine Travel to Where?

Picture this - your favorite cousin has designed a Time Machine. It looks like a London telephone booth; bright red, rectangular, and compact. And... it works - hooray! Your cousin invites you over to test drive it. You can go backward or jump futureward in time.

Where would you go, what one thing (physical or data) would you bring back with you, and why? Note: do not turn the Universe topsy-turvy, so please... 1 - bring back only what fits in the Time Machine and 2 - bring back only a non-living thing. Happy Travels...

My answer: I would travel back to the point where humanity was about to stop being humanity, and find the magic thing which can prevent it from de-humanizing and use it. Then, I would bring the magic back with me and pass it on to others, to be used to maintain our humanity.

[Question I asked on LinkedIn.com - July 19th, 2007]

July 15, 2007

Beach Waves

Oh my gosh, the ocean waves are gonna get me! Out on a gloomy day in Half Moon Bay, California.

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Beach Waves 2

Phew, no waves got me... saved my leather shoes! Not exactly dressed for the beach, but it wasn't sunny-friendly either... lots of fog and low visibility.

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July 12, 2007

Six Countries Asked To Report In

Visited a friend at his company today and lo and behold... spotted this sign at the receptionist's desk! Couldn't resist taking a picture with my cell phone. The blurry part says: "Please tell the receptionist if you are a citizen of any of the following countries" Wow! Dang!

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Right or Left Brain Thinker Road?

Picture this - you are zooming along on a deserted dusty road. Bam! You spot a fork in the road and quickly slam on the brakes. At the fork, a wooden post dangles two directional signs... 'Right-Brain Thinkers Only -->' and '<-- Left-Brain Thinkers Only'

Note: you don't have to be left-handed to be a right-brained thinker and vice versa, and... you can't go backwards nor sideways. Which fork in the road would you take and why?

Note 2: I did not specify which road goes where... you have the flexibility to pick. If you want left and left is left-brain thinkers for you, so be it! Eg: I pick the road that leads to right-brain thinkers and want it to be the left road.

One interesting book of many: A Whole New Mind - Daniel Pink

[Question I asked on LinkedIn.com - July 12th, 2007]

July 6, 2007

How would you make $ on Planet Mars?

Picture this - the shuttle is leaving for the new Earthling settlement on Planet Mars and you have a ticket. Yippee! You only had enough money for a one way ticket, but you are adventurous. Assuming you want to return after many moons, how would you make the money to buy a ticket back to Planet Earth? No stowaways nor strippers allowed.

Note: I would set up a Psychiatric Booth like Lucy in Schulz's 'Peanuts' and cater to those Earthlings nostalgic for Planet Earth.

[Question I asked on LinkedIn.com - July 6th, 2007]