May 13, 2005

SalesPerson NOT SellingCompany

Hallo... interestingly, some corporate sales management folk think they can replace salespeople with a 'happy sounding' email shot off to a customer which will make the customer come running back with twice the amount of business - nah... not!

When will those mis-management folk understand that it is and was the salesPERSON who made the customer bring in the business? Trust me, it was not some love for the company or its other salespeople shoved at them now. Heck, it says so right in 'Sales101' and here are some basics from the top of my head:

1. People buy based on how they are sold and how comfortable they are made.
2. The seller sells based on what the buyer needs, not what the seller wants to sell.
3. Seller and buyer form a relationship, trust is a catalyst.
4. A good salesperson can sell anything to anyone.
5. Many professions are 'just a job' sales is 'more than a job' - oh yah!

On a different note... we salespeople of the mega salesforce should question how those mis-management folk got to become sales management in the first place?! It sounds like they bought their way in rather than earned their way to the top. Whatever the case, without Sales101 and your key salesPERSON, you ain't sellin nothin buddy... not now... not ever!

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Left Handers Are In Their Right Minds

Hallo... zillions of right handers the world over ask left handers, "Wow, how do you write with your left hand?" Most shrug their shoulders and say, "I just do" or "It comes naturally to me." The right handers usually watch in sheer amazement as we left handers turn our pages the other way or hold a fork in the left hand at dinner.

Well, let me tell you... it is tough being a left hander in a right handed world. We are an accident prone people. Door knobs are placed on the wrong side, so we struggle to open and close doors. Scissors are a major dilemma to handle and it is difficult to cut straight. We get bruises, scrapes, cuts, and burns all over the place if not careful.

Statistics from somewhere say that, 1 in 10 is a left hander. So, we have to adapt to the other 9 right handers. Buy Left Handed Products... scissors, garden tools, coffee mugs, pencils, notebooks, etc. and stay accident free!

The best news is... Left Handers are in their Right Minds according to those who have studied our brains - left brain right brain stuff. Hey, that makes me happy and glad to know it! Check out: The Left-Hander Syndrome.