June 5, 2006

Pet Nightmares

Hallo... which TV show gives you nightmares? A horror series or a violent series? How about an animal series? Did you say - a show about animals? Oh yes I did!

Recently, the Animal Planet TV channel ran several back to back episodes of a reality series called, Animal Precinct. This show takes you on patrol with New York City's Humane Law Enforcement agents who are devoted to investigating crimes against the city's animal population. The series starts off something like this… “New York City, 8 million people, 5 million pets, 1 team of officers…”

Of course yours truly read the disclaimer – “Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised…” but for some reason it did not register in my brain that a show about pets is one that I should be advised against.

So, there I was watching a string of shows that resulted in a string of nightmares. Major impact on my sleep system and one that caused shifts in my mind set!

Okay, you get the picture, but let me explain why this show causes nightmares. Not because it is a bad show, it is an excellent show, but the horrors it exposes one to would make Buddha commit suicide.

Just one show later, I was left with a zillion questions buzzing in my head like: why do people get pets if they can’t look after them? More so, why do people get pets they end up mistreating? And the purpose of a pet is what? I would think companionship, and it involves caring, loving, and spending time with.

Just like the USA has a very tough application and approval process for people who want to adopt a child, I call for a similar system for those who want to bring a pet into their lives. The goal is to make people think twice before they consider something they might not be able to handle. All in favor say, AYE!